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Darrin Schenk – VP of Sales TriageNow

Allan Himmelstein is such a great asset to our company and my sales team. His insightful approach, vetted by many years of experience, have been a blessing to my team. I highly recommend his services to anyone trying to get more out of their sales efforts.  February 2015

Jose C. Palazuelos Spence – General Manager at ECN Automation Inc.

Allan has been one of the key elements in making ECN Automation sales process successful in the USA. Coming from a Mexican company, his guidance and coaching has minimized the challenge of entering a new culture. I strongly recommend Allan for his execution approach and helping you open that door.

August 7, 2014

Karen Taylor Roane | Expert Marketing and PR Solutions -Integrated Marketing Solutions | Marketing Planning | Social Media Marketing | Freelance Writing | Public Relations

When I attended Allen’s workshop about driving sales to grow your business at the Surprise Chamber of Commerce I was astonished by his breadth of knowledge and ability to communicate ideas in a clear and meaningful way. I participated in sales classes and seminars as a former Account Executive at CBS Television and feel that Allen’s presentation is on par with the quality of training I received at CBS. I have since gotten to know Allen, and he is a man of integrity. For these reasons, I highly recommend him as a speaker.  August 2013

Debbie PearsonHuman Services Coordinator for City of Peoria

I run the Small Business Program for the City of Peoria which includes a business education component that offers seminars covering pertinent topics for small business owners. I regularly search out quality speakers to share information about their fields of expertise. This is where Allan comes into play…he is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker! He gives expert advice and leaves himself available for my attendees to contact him with any questions they might have. He has a great sense of humor that transfers over into his presentations, catching everyone’s attention and keeping them interested! If you are looking for a dynamic speaker, I highly recommend Allan Himmelstein! September 2013

Anthony HernandezCollege Bound Mesa

“I attended a workshop by Allan Himmelstein on business marketing and sales. I recognized immediately that he has deep industry experience and expertise. (He is definitely a big leaguer!) I found his ideas to be forward thinking and creative. He was very well prepared! His presentation and its content were as good as anything I experienced in my time at UCLA or Harvard. It is my opinion time with Allan is time well spent. I highly recommend him.”  August 2013

Joyce Morningstar – Dyanamic Wealth Advisors

If you need help in figuring out how to “get in the door in front of the key decision maker” –  Allan Himmelstein is your man.  As business owners, we know “sales is the lifeblood of business”, and we know we need to be involved in the process.  But few of us are good at selling, because we feel uncomfortable.  Allan challenges and inspires you to think creatively in defining your comfort zone and sales strategy. His process allows you to understand what will work for you.  When there’s a good roadmap, selling becomes simple.  It’s still not easy, you have to work at it.  But with his wry sense of humor, Allan actually makes the sales process fun.  And for speaking to a group, Allan is “a natural”.  He distills the sales process down to simplicity, but doesn’t oversimplify it.  No one else puts it all together in a more clear and concise way than Allan – making the crucial points relevant for all, regardless of company size, type, or how long you’ve been in business. August 2013

Dan Perez – President – Subrosa Investigations 

Allan has become a valuable resource to me or our teams in both Subrosa and RISC, helping us to create and execute effective ways to develop business for both entities.  His knowledge of sales and his understanding of small business is extraordinary.  He gets it and helps us achieve it.  It’s also just fun working with Allan.” March 2, 2012

Al Altuna – President – SALEO

Allan recently facilitated a strategy session for Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization (SALEO) with very good results. Everyone at the session was encouraged to participate, which they did and the session was efficiently completed in half a day.” February 29, 2012

Mary Henry – President and Founder, HR on Demand 

I have had the pleasure of working with Allan on several projects.  His expertise and guidanse as to how to deliver a marketing and sales message has resulted in my being able to acquire several new clients in the last two months.  I am a raving fanSeptember 29,2011

Brian Talbot – Online Strategy and SEO Consultant, Task Crate 

I’ve had the pleasure, honor and good fortune to work with, learn from and reap the benefits of Allan’s wisdom, experience and know-how (gained from many years as a high-level (C-level) Sales and Operations Executive at a select group of very successful companies, including Kraft). His resume and results are without compare. From simple motivation and encouragement surrounding the sales process to deep analysis and understanding of business and operations at the executive level, Allan is the guy you want on your team if you want to give your sales production a swift, efficient and effective kick in the pants. He’s a personable guy and a pleasure to work with as well. I’m proud, honored and very fortunate to have access to Allan and his talents and wisdom on a regular basis. I highly and thoroughly recommend asking me for an introduction to Allan if you’re ready look under the hood and increase your sales performance!” November 16, 2011

Richard Saldivar – Managing Partner -Teris – Phoenix

By using Allan Himmelstein, Sales Coach AZ, we have increased our company sales by 40% over a 6 month period.  The process was simple.  We wrote a 3 page Sales and Marketing plan that had specific goals, practical strategies, and timely actions.  By Allan continually holding me accountable on a weekly basis, my team and I were able to achieve the targeted results. Any company wanting to expand and improve their sales practices would benefit from Allan’s expertise.

Jose Palenzuelos – Director of Sales US –ECN Automation – Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been working directly with Allan for the past 1.5 years with very good results. His sales coaching strategy assists you in breaking some of those cultural differences and will get you focused in to the point “Selling”. I do strongly recommend having a sales coach if you are about to endeavor and open a business in the US market. I can’t imagine how much longer would have taken ECN Automation to start touching the market without Allan as our sales strategist.

Robert Jones – Owner – Communication Concepts – Scottsdale, AZ

“Allan is great at creating synergies in business. He has years of experience in sales and upper management. I have been working with Allan for nearly 3 years and the success of our business shows. Even in the current economic climate, we have been steadily growing when our competition has not. The practices we have implemented as a result of Allan’s suggestions have helped to better manage our sales, our time, our staff, & our bottom line. Thanks Allan!” March 16, 2010

Allen Heavey – Director of Sales -Carolina Ingredients

Everyone has his or her own unique management style, but Allan separates himself by his upfront patience, which is demonstrated by his ability to listen, probe, probe, and listen again. More often than not, his troublesome charge has the problem resolved before the session is concluded. If not, Allan systematically guides you to the solution

Steven M Phillips, Owner – Z Cleaners, Scottsdale, AZ

I would like to take a moment to thank you for contributing in large measure to the creation and establishment of a Sales Process for our company.  Your one-on-one coaching has been invaluable.  It has been a company goal for quite a while to create procedures for the Sales Department that define, to our clientele, exactly what we are selling, and define for our staff, how we should sell.  Your enthusiasm for “sales’ and straight-forward approach in leading me and my staff to create the Sales Process has already yielded increased revenue of the company – this is remarkable.  Z Cleaners is a destination business that draws from every community in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, primarily due to the certifications we have earned and the strong local reputation we have been able to build.  Although most of our clientele seek out the expertise we provide, we still must invest time and resources to sales, And, as with any business, the sales component of any Sales & Marketing Plan is critical in closing the deal.  Your personal involvement and interactions with my staff quickly gave us the confidence we needed to successfully project our company image, capitalize on the many years of study in our field and most importantly close more deals.

Peter Oberacker – CEO, Formtech Solutions, Inc.

One of my favorite sayings is” Find a job you love, and you will never work another day in your life”. Very few people I have met in my career would I put in this class, but when you took me under your wing and guidance at General Spice, I can honestly say we did very little work! Allan you had a way of breaking things down to its simplest and common factors, a talent I wish I had. Allan all the best in your new endeavor, may you “stop working”

Mark Ritter -SunOpta Ingredients Group, Director Of. International Sales

I first worked with Allan Himmelstein more than a dozen years ago at my initial sales position in the food industry.  Though not my direct boss, he quickly became my sales mentor and friend and we’ve stayed in touch personally and professionally after all these years. Coming from an R&D capacity, I feel I had the right technical tools for the position of national sales but needed help on the commercial side.  Without it being part of his job description, Allan took me under his wing offering the right coaching and leadership skills I needed to become successful.  His understanding of the delicate balance between technical and commercial requirements in sales and general business acumen helped we establish a base of sales skills I would never have gotten on my own.

Dr. Ekkehard G Grampp – CEO/President of Rohm Tech, Inc., retired

Allan took on the sales job of the probably most difficult product group the newly established company had in its portfolio (enzymes for food processing).  You were not afraid about the task in dealing with technically complicated products and processes but also with very powerful competition.  You simply sold with your very basic ‘philosophy’ that the client has to see some very distinct benefits — either reducing production time, saving dollars along the way or last but not least preventing ‘trouble’ during operation.  Allan made sure that this simple selling philosophy was later on absorbed by his coworkers, agents and distributors who were supporting Rohm Tech’s businesses over the years.

Allan never shed away from hands-on activity even when he took on additional responsibilities — he always tried to show co-workers, clients and agents why Rohm Tech’s products created an economical benefit for the customers and why our products performed better and more economically than the competition.  Allan set the standards for his own performance and expected those who reported to him to do the same.

He was a driving force for innovations and never afraid of changes.  Both customers and our employees liked him as a knowledgeable, understanding and helpful colleague.  Our friends in Germany respected Allan tremendously because of his ability to bridge the cultural and business differences between the parent company and the subsidiary Rohm Tech, Inc.

Charles Rudow – President, SpiceTec Ltd, ConAgra Foods, retired

My name is Charles Rudow; I was president and owner of SpiceTec Ltd a Spice and Seasoning Company that I sold to ConAgra Foods Inc. I continued to function as president under ConAgra’s ownership for an additional 10 years. During 1996 I hired Allan Himmelstein as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Allan was chosen for this position because of his leadership skills and his general business knowledge. He inherited a sales staff that lacked discipline and training necessary to efficiently perform there tasks.  Allan utilized his talents to develop a sales and marketing program, staffed with aggressive personnel. He made changes when necessary, but achieved the greatest portion of his success thru the education and motivation of his personal. He organized seminars and training sessions to hone there presentation and sales skills. Since we were a spice and seasoning company interaction with others departments as the laboratory and production was essential to success. Thru Allan’s leadership a true team atmosphere was achieved. The result of these efforts was an increase in sales in excess of 55% and almost doubling profits in less then three years.   Allan would be a great leadership asset to any organization.

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