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Why Allan?

Allan Himmelstein, President of Sales Coach AZ, founded in 2007, utilizes his more than 30 years of extensive sales and business management experience to bring proven methods and processes to small and mid-size business owners, offering Outsourced Sales Manager responsibilities. Sales Coach AZ implements strategies that relieve the sales burden from the business owner. He currently works with owners in the US, Mexico and Germany eliminating their frustration in efforts to hire, manage, and motivate, freeing the business owner to run the business.  Allan implements proven strategies to develop sales processes that engage and empower the entire sales team. Allan’s innovation and turn-key operations allow today’s business owner to provide proven sales methods that integrate easily into the technology, social media and CRM strategies of today.

Allan’s extensive  experience includes executive and sales management positions working with international and domestic organizations for start-ups, turn-arounds, and growth modes and grew one internationcal company from start-up to $40M in a short nine years .  He  has served as VP of Sales for the world acclaimed $50M ConAgra Spice and Seasoning Company.



From years of practical experience, Sales Coach AZ knows how to jump start sales in start-up companies and already established companies. We can build up your whole sales activities and capabilities from A to Z.

We start with a complete sales assessment of a company’s strengths, and weaknesses.   By understanding a companies core values we can translate that into a meaningful message that is dynamic to your targeted customers.    Step 2 is developing a short action-oriented Sales Plan that has attainable goals, strategies, and actions.  The USA is a unique market, which requires in depth knowledge and understanding.  Sales Coach AZ has the expertise to help with the execution, and implementation of your sales goals.

The Sales Coach AZ strategic process includes:

Developing Your Sales Messages

  • Extensively analyzing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying and developing opportunities for your company
  • Learning who are your target market and customers, and developing compelling sales arguments for why they should do business with you.
  • Developing the right questions for uncovering the basis of doing business.
  • Making sure that once you get them, you keep them.

Adapting Your Sales Approach for Your Target Market

  • Understanding how the various distribution methods and US Geography can affect your future sales.
  • Understanding the service requirement in the USA.
  • Developing a sales process and sales metrics to assure success of sales representation
  • Hiring sales people that can properly translate your company’s culture and values to the Target market.

Contact Sales Coach AZ today, and dramatically improve your business to business (B2B) sales results in the USA.

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