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The Importance of Team Selling

June 1, 2017

The concept of Team Selling is not new.  However, there have been few times where I have seen it effectively done, especially in small businesses.  Many times, organizational structure and the way sales and people are compensated get in the way of Team Selling.  The more complex the sale the more important team selling becomes.  Yet many small businesses are reluctant to have team selling.  Maybe because they are too rigid on what they feel everyone’s role in the organization is.  Maybe because the owner does not like to be involved in the actual sales process, or feels that team selling is too expensive.    Whatever the excuse is get over it, and think about how Team Selling can improve Sales.  I assure you that if done effectively, it is by far the most effective way of selling.  Why?

  1. It gives credibility to the Company rather than just the Sales person.
  2. Buyers connect better to people of like mind and background frequently than to sales people.
  3. Prospects and Customers get better answers quicker from the team.
  4. It gets buy-in from different departments in your company.
  5. Better communication within the company on actual customer’s needs, and opportunities.
  6. Self-Accountability from all parties in the team, and better collaborative decisions gets everyone engaged.
  7. Your odds for a successful conclusion is dramatically increased.

The team can be just two people or more depending upon your organization.  The Sales person should be put in the role of the Coordinator and Conductor.  The mindset for the team must be that the major goal is to meet the Customer needs.  The Lone Wolf sales person frequently is incapable of working within a team, so be careful.    

Team selling should become a part of the Sales Process.  The teams will vary depending upon what the perceived prospect or client’s needs are.   

Following are some areas where I have seen great success. 

  1. New start-up Enzyme company, brings in the “Technical Expert and PhD”. Prospects see that there is a real company and not a garage operation.
  2. A litigation support company that brings in-house lawyers to speak with prospect lawyers.
  3. Software Development company brings their Software developer with the Sales person with great success.
  4. Spice and Seasoning company brings R&D, plus Production Manager, and Customer Service person in on presentation to assure a large food company that both supply chain and technical needs are met.
  5. Sales person brings in VP of Sales to help in delivering the company message.

Some critical points in developing the team:

  1. Make sure the players are right to the customer.  Every customer is a little different.
  2. Make sure that you do not overwhelm or intimidate the customer by introducing to many team members at once.
  3. Everyone on the team must understand the purpose and importance of them being part of the team.
  4. Hopefully, the sales person is the natural Manager of the team. If not, make sure you have a leader of the team that can bring in others and facilitating the conversation, and staying focused on the desired result.
  5. And finally, plan the Sales meeting. Make sure that people are not going to contradict one another or there are issues between team members which will stop them from getting a successful result. 

So, what actions are you going to take to make this happen? 

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