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Part II:  The Fearless Salesperson

July 6, 2016

So last month I talked about the fearless salesperson, and got some very interesting comments.  One comment from my old boss and close friend for 30 years ago. “ Allan you were not only fearless you were ever persistent.”

There are many ways to improve sales.  Better questions, being more fearless, being customer focused, targeting better, closing more, filling the pipeline, better body language, and more and more.

However, if you cannot persevere and follow up consistently none of these improvements will dramatically help.  I do not know what it is today, but people just don’t follow up.  The average salesperson follows up 1.5 times when the average sale is made over 8 contacts.

Please someone tell me what is the problem.  I know you don’t want to be a pest.  Are you being honest with yourself?  Are you really saying, you don’t think your product or service is of real benefit to the prospect?  Or, you don’t want to belittle yourself by contacting them multiple times.  If you truly believe you are not being a pest if you truly believe this will help the customer.

Let’s set the scenario.  You thought you had a good meeting with a prospect, and then you call him/her back and there is no response.  Sometimes you e-mail them back and no response.  DON’T GIVE UP.

GIVE UP, if you feel that there truly is no basis for business.

GIVE UP, if you feel that your product or service has no value or benefit to the customer.

GIVE UP, if you really do not understand the problem and implications of that problem to their business or you are unable to quanitify the pain.

E-mail them, text them, furnish third party testimonials and references, but DON’T GIVE UP.

Be bold, be fearless, and be persistent.


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  1. Jeffrey Reiss permalink
    July 13, 2016 9:28 am

    I am sure it has to do with the need for instant gratification. Many think they will get a payback because they think it is fair. I just received a contract after a year of waiting! They were not using a competitor. The project was not ready for us. When it was, we won! I sent many emails, many voicemails over the year. Does it get old, of course-but it wins!

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