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The Fearless Salesperson

May 25, 2016

Recently someone asked about my history, and why I was so successful in sales.  It took some thought, because I do not consider myself to be the smartest, friendliest, or best salesperson in every situation.  However, the one attribute that helps me the most is being fearless.  In my coaching, I have seen literally 1000’s of techniques one can teach to help in sales, but nothing will replace being fearless and confident.

As an example, have you ever seen some new young sales person get a sale that seasoned sales people were not able to get?  Was it because of knowledge or technique?  Doubtful.  Probably because the young one did not have it ingrained in their head all the reasons someone would not buy?

Have you ever seen some salesperson that was so totally obnoxious that you did not understand how they could be so successful?  Despite them being obnoxious they were fearless in their approach and asked or stated the problem in such a confident manner that it was too hard to dispute.

Don’t confuse fearless with intimidation.  The young salesperson was fearless, the obnoxious salesperson was intimidating and fearless.  Neither intimidating nor fearless is not in many of our basic natures. Learning and adopting a fearless attitude is difficult.  One really has to commit and accept the concept as truth.   If you ever read Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer, you can see how this works.  I am sure Donald Trump either read the book or helped write it.

These salespeople and negotiators are NOT smarter, NOT more creative, and NOT better than you.  However, what they have in common and what most people do not have is the chutzpah to ask the difficult question.  They are not so emotionally tied to the outcome of the sale that they are afraid of losing it.  They will put a buyer on the spot, if they feel there is reasonable cause.

Throughout my career, I have been noted as being fearless, and in some cases even intimidating, but hopefully not obnoxious.  Because of this, there have been many instances where I knew very little about a product or service and came out with some big orders.  Think about it, and see if it makes sense to you.  Here are some of the fearless statements and question I have asked which have gotten sales.

  1. Why haven’t you bought from the company in 20 years?
  2. Please help me understand why you haven’t bought from us?
  3. If I was on your side of the table I might not buy from our company, because of the lousy service. What do we need to improve on both sides of the table?
  4. Let’s get to the point. Yes, is the best answer, no is the second best answer, and if you give me a maybe then you really don’t want to buy?  Why?  (Sandler Sales preaches this).


  1. What is the situation with your present supplier?  What are you looking to change? What do we need to be a better supplier than presently?
  1. What are the consequences if you do not make this decision?  If you don’t make a decision, have you quantified how much this will cost you?  (Three decisions:  Move forward with present supplier, move forward with new supplier, do nothing).

I welcome any comments either positive or negative.  Tell me a story about your successful “Fearless Sale”.

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