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Use Radical Candor to Drive Sales

March 29, 2016

Recently I showed this Video to the Strategic Business Council that I facilitate called: Radical Candor – The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss.   Basically she is saying as Sales Management it is your moral obligation to PISS people off.  If you can’t be this then your second much worse choice that no one should aspire to be is an a…hole.  Do you agree?  There is much more to this Video, and I suggest you listen carefully before commenting.  


I agree with almost everything Kim Scott is saying. I find utilizing this concept more difficult when managing sales people. Employees will talk to other employees about your Radical Candor.  That’s okay and it is expected.  Being a Manager is not a popularity contest.  If they are not complaining about you as a manager, then you are not pushing them to do better.  However, they are usually discussing these points with other co-workers.  Or if not discussing they are brooding in their offices or cubicles.  The problem with sales people is that they are frequently more in contact with their clients.  Brooding and discussing your company in a negative way in front of customers is not acceptable.  And as a Sales Manager or Business Owner you have no clue whether this is happening.  How many times have you heard sales people say this is my customer and when I go the customer goes.  If you have heard this you are in real trouble.  

The question is “How do you keep the spirits up while at the same time be critical and manage effectively”.  

I will never forget my first boss at Kraft Foods that once said to me.  “Allan, for one of the smartest people I know that was really a dumb thing that you did.”  How was I supposed to answer this.  This is a Manager that showed a true interest in me personally, and I liked Was I now willing to blindly accept his critisism.  Of course not, I was mad as hell.  However, I had trouble coming back at him when he said I was one of the smartest people he knew.  

I have had those a…hole managers that were nothing but criticism and I must say I could not wait to show them that they were wrong.  I have had those managers that only complimented me to the point that it was insincere.  I liked them but was not motivated by them, because I was not learning anything from them.  If you are in sales you want to always do better.  How can you do better if all you hear are compliments and no input on strategy, or improvement on presentation, or recognizing situations better.  

So now what type of Manager are you, and what are you going to do to help Drive your Sales. Your comments, positive and negative are welcomed and accepted.  I love the discussion.    

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