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Does Your Salesforce Have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

July 30, 2015

I am always emphasizing the importance of staying focused.  In fact, one of my salespeople gave me a little clock many years ago which has the proverb:

FOCUS:  if you chase two rabbits, both will escape.

On one hand we encourage an ADD behavior in salespeople.  Get as many leads and prospects in the pipeline and sell, sell, sell.  It’s like sending out 15 fishing lines at once and hoping that one bites.

The fear is that when the fish bites will they be able to reel it in.  Additionally, we are talking about the “idea a minute” sales force.  Let’s sell this, then let’s sell that without perseverance.  What I mean by that is when you try something one time and it doesn’t work then they just drop it, and say that didn’t work without spending the time and energy analyzing and brainstorming different strategies to make it work.  This new product and service may be best for the company, but because it is harder to sell it never gets off the ground.

Reasons may be that the target market was wrong,  or the wrong message, or not understanding the competitive landscape.  I have participated in many situations where with just a little bit of tweaking the message or asking the right questions the sales business started coming to fruition.  There is no exact science or process in sales, just the mentality of continuous improvement.


Why Do They Have ADD?

I hate to say it Mr. Entrepreneur but many times this ADD starts with you.  If you have not clearly stated the Vision, Goals, and Strategies to the Salespeople, they are going to just try and sell whatever they can.  It’s up to you to put the company on the right tract.  Now maybe it’s not you, but it’s your Sales manager who has not gotten the message.

Another reason for having ADD is not really understanding what the Customer needs.  A sales force that is NOT customer focused will just try and sell anything that you have got to anybody that is willing to listen.  This costs your business a lot of time and money.

It is a fine balance. While working with some European company companies I found the opposite may be true.  They were so focused on selling only to what they knew, that they were not open to selling to companies that might have a great use for their products and services. That really does not work either. 

How to Recognize if Your the Salesforce Has ADD?  


If there is always a new modification or customization requested by your Salesforce to your product or service.  It If the reason they are giving for slow sales is that what you are offering never is never good enough. for the sales force.

  1. The sales people are always asking for a better price.
  2. When asked there are always these great prospects that you are going to make millions on, which never seem to come to fruition (close).
  3. The prospects are not responding with questions or not at all to your salespeople on a regular basis.

What Do You Do About It?

STEP 1:  Write out a simple 2-Page Bullet Point Action Plan for 1 year.  It should include a clear Vision, Actionable Critical Goal (2 maximum) and then some strategies and actions.

STEP 2:  Share it with your Sales Manager or your sales people directly and ask if this can be achieved.  First talk about the positive, and then discuss what the obstacles could be and ways to solve them.

STEP 3:  Monitor the activities toward the Action Plan on a Monthly basis and share the results.

STEP 4: Remember to be consistent.

For further discussion, please comment, give me a call, or write me an e-mail.


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