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Why Sales Managers Must Change

August 20, 2014

My reading on Sales Management has led me to a book by William “Skip” Miller called ProActive Sales Management.  Skip makes some excellent points.  As mentioned in my previous blog Why Your Sales Managers Need Training, he emphasizes the importance of forward thinking and that Sales Managers never receive training that they need to be effective.  Getting things done through others is a key to their success. Cutting down the noise and distraction of everything that is required is a time drain which pushes one into reaction rather Pro-action.  There is a brief quiz in this book, which I would be happy to share with you on measuring “How Reactive you Are?  In summary, we all must be more ProActive.  Some suggested changes are as follow:

  1. Having sales meetings with purpose, agendas, and follow up actions.  Stop having meetings for the sake of having meetings.
  2. Stop spending so much time reviewing the past, and focus on the future on how the team can improve sales.
  3. Focus on how long a sale takes to make rather than how many customer and prospect touches.
  4. Stop taking over from your sales representative because you know how to close.  Teach and coach them how you to do it.  However, make sure that it is customized to them.
  5. Develop metrics that are Pro-Active and not reactive.

If you think you can benefit from a free consult with me to discuss this further, I will be happy to spend the time.



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