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Sales Management – A Look in the Mirror

July 28, 2014

Congratulations, you are a new Sales Manager.  Before any assessment of the problems and opportunities your sales force is undergoing it is important to understand yourself and what changes or even elimination of behaviors are necessary to maximize your influence in the organization.  This is so important, because it will affect, who you hire, how you interact with management and staff, and your future growth in this position.  Think of this as your personal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).  The resulting emphasis is to maximize your strengths, embrace your weaknesses, take more advantage of opportunities, and make plans for possible threats.  This will be difficult, but remember that self-awareness as well as self-acceptance, is important for success.  The following are some questions to start you in forming your personal SWOT, and hopefully generate ideas to take actions.


  1.  Identify the areas in Sales Management that you excel and that you have a passion. (coaching, recruiting, motivating, organizing, negotiating, developing strategic alliances, strategizing accounts, analyzing sales numbers, creating a team atmosphere, strategic planning, others
  2. Which of these activities do you feel most natural doing and do not feel like you have to force yourself in doing?


  1.  What tasks or responsibilities do you dread doing in your business, or feel there is no purpose in doing?
  2. What work situations create conflict between either your direct staff or within the company?
  3. Do you lack technical knowledge or deficiencies which affect your effectiveness as a Manager?


  1. What weaknesses have you identified that have the potential to be turned into “Opportunities”?
  2. How can your strengths be better used within the organization?


  1. Is there a risk or a business opportunity that you are not taking?  How will this affect you personally if it does not take place?
  2. If this risk or threat was not dealt with, what will the consequences be on the business?
  3. What company driven threats have the potential to affect your sales team efforts?


From the above,  write a brief summary of no more than 100 words.  Develop your own action plan on how you can change, improve, or strengthen what you have written.

This is a very shortened version of the questions that I ask when speaking with Sales Leaders.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.  



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