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Sales Management Forum Forming Now

June 2, 2014


®    Are you currently a Sales Manager and tired of receiving no training or the wrong kind of training?

®    Are you a business owner working as a sales manager and spreading yourself too thin to effectively manage your sales force?

®    Were you the best performing sales person and recently promoted to Sales Manager and have that “What do I do now feeling”?

®    Tired of sales management training that motivates you for the short term but leaves you no place to turn for the long term?

®    Are you struggling to keep or find a good sales manager?


If this sounds like you, then you may be interested in attending our free mock Sales Management Forum.


Training is often a onetime event that does not provide ongoing accountability or resources that help you implement strategies. Studies have shown that people learn better and retain more through collaboration with their peers than through any training course available.

Would it be helpful simply to speak with other Sales Managers in order to share difficult situations or specific experiences?

Studies show YES!

The next Sales Management Forum is forming nowand is set to begin on Thursday June 26, 2014.

We are looking for Sales Managers wanting to collaborate with other non-competing Sales Managers.  We have developed a process that helps create a diverse, well-rounded, non-competing forum that meets the needs of all its members.

Come see how collaboration can benefit you in a mock Sales Management Forum Thursday June 26, 2014 8 am- 10 am. (more times may be available)

A round table discussion that synthesizes ideas, encourages creative thinking and facilitates peer support to help you implement strategies, create accountability and stretches you to achieve your personal vision.

The first hour forum topics might include:

  • Hiring top Sales People
  • Best Practices with your CRM
  • Techniques in Lead Development
  • How to customize a compensation system for your sales people
  • Competitive Information Analysis
  • Coaching Techniques

The second hour will be devoted to your particular challenges, opportunities, and issues.

All participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement to ensure any information and data shared by participants, facilitators, or guests who attend any Meetings is maintained in confidence.

To attend, please contact me at or call at 480.220.4296.




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