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Check Your Ego At the Door

December 30, 2012

No one is perfect, and growth is stunted by pride, so set your pride aside.

A company sales position requires more reflection and focus on self-improvement than any other position.  The market changes constantly and so must sales people, however, like most people, we are all apprehensive towards change, especially when we have been successful in the past.

We try to believe that what created success today, will create success tomorrow.  What got you to the top before may not get you there in the future.  Besides I don’t like to think of it as change; it’s about improving. I was just reading John C. Maxwell’s Self Improvement 101 and it reminded me that it’s not about change; it’s a way to improve.

Plan 1: Focus on self-development and not self-fulfillment.  Reaching your sales goal is self-fulfilling.  Has it really improved your sales skills?  Have you reached your sales potential, if not, what will you do to get there?

Plan 2:  Reach your potential by having the mindset of a continual learner.  This is one of the first characteristics I look for when hiring a sales person.  What books have you read about your profession?  What seminars or workshops have you attended?  No matter how many years you have sold you can always learn something new.

Plan 3: Take time to read, listen or reflect. Self-Improvement must be planned for; the same way you develop a business plan.  Make an appointment with yourself every day or every week to take time to read about your profession, listen to webinars, or reflect on what good and bad things happened during the week, and what can be improved.  Bullet point your weekly activities, and then bullet point lessons learned.  If you learned nothing, you’re doing something wrong.

A great way to improve yourself is to teach your peers something you’re learning. Conversely, you can learn a lot from your peers, even if you do not think they are as proficient as you.  I will never forget my younger brother, a high school All-American wrestler, asking for my advice about wrestling.  He not only asked me, he asked everyone.   He could learn something from anyone, younger or older.

Do you have a mentor or coach that can help you improve? 

Nobody likes to be criticized, and many of us love sales, because we like to be our own boss.  However, we all need some coaching and/or mentoring. All the great golfers have coaches because they cannot see everything themselves.

Aren’t we the same? 

Harvey McKay, author of How to Swim with the Sharks and owner of a $100M printing business stated that he had seven different business coaches.

Call me today to see how I can help you improve your sales.



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