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Sales Self-Improvement – The Check List

November 15, 2011

This is a good time of year to start reflecting and setting up your goals and strategies for next year.  I recently googled Sales Self-Assessment tests, and found some interesting tests that you can take.  I personally like TTI Performance Systems, which I have given to several sales professionals.  It gives a pretty accurate picture of a sales person’s behaviors and values.  There is nothing more important in sales then first knowing yourself.

But, before taking any assessment, I find it useful to take a look in the mirror first, and see how I am doing on the following points.

  1. Am I constantly trying to improve as a professional? To be a true professional, you have to keep reading, reviewing, and improving your techniques, and your knowledge about your industry.  Are you taking the time to take a sales course, or read another book on sales?  When is the last time you actually read your company’s literature and technical information?  A sales Professional will never be satisfied with the status quo of their sales knowledge and abilities.
  2. Am I truly customer focused and sensitive to the needs of my customers?  No matter how much you have sold, or want to sell, it is very difficult to maintain a total customer focus.  We have our quotas, and we get lost in metrics of making our numbers.  It is not only about building relationships, it is also about maintaining them.  As a Sales professional you must constantly be asking questions and making statements that show that you are not trying to sell as much as to solve customer problems.  Helping them generate revenue, or saving time, trouble, or money changes you from just another sales person to a sales consultant.
  3. Am I effectively targeting the industry and customers to maximize success?  This is a tricky one, but absolutely vital to you and your long term success.  Evaluating your targets, benchmarking, and multiplying successes is very important in growing your sales and generating revenue for your company.  Do you have and are you developing a deep understanding of your prospects business?
  4. Do I maintain a positive and professional image to my customers and my staff? You may not realize it, but you set the mood.  If you are not positive, sure, and confident about the products and services you are delivering, your prospects will see it.  A lot of people are dependent upon your success.  Be bright, be positive, and be professional.
  5. Do I under promise and over deliver? This is probably one of the biggest sales errors one can make.  You have to be brave enough to tell the client, why some times there will be difficulty on delivering on time.  Most customers will be reasonable.  It is part of your job to help them be realistic about their expectations.
  6. Am I truly sensitive to the needs of my internal support staff? You may think you can do it alone, but your job is to first sell yourself, and then to sell the team.  Without the team your chances of success are limited.  Thank them, understand how you can make their jobs easier, and sell the team to your customers.  Your client relationship is vital.  Your larger prospects want to know if there is strong support team behind you.
  7. Am I being self-Accountable?  There is nothing worse than a salesperson that cannot admit that they could have done things better.  The only thing that is possibly worse is when a salesperson is blaming everyone else and not taking some of the issues on their shoulders.

If you are interested in having a Personal Sales Assessment or for your staff, please call or e-mail me at .

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