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Sales Development and Selling the Company

September 21, 2010

Has this happened to you? Recently one of my clients was asked to bid on a major project, which would bring in $2,000,000 in revenue. As a foreign company that just entered the US one year ago, he had never done business with them before. George was offered this opportunity, because of a sales presentation he made. Was this a courtesy to him, or were they going to use his company as a wedge to get better prices from the other bidding companies? Part of our jobs as Sales Managers and Sales Coaches is to make sure that the company does not waste time and resources on long shot opportunities. George and his team was going to spend two full weeks trying to put the package together and trying to get the best possible pricing for this great potential.

My question to George was why should they do business with you? How can one build credibility as a new company? Why should they trust you or your company? Would you spend $2,000,000 with a company that you did not know, even if its bid was 20% below competition? I would not.

Where many sales people fail is they spend too much time selling themselves and too much time selling the features and benefits of products that a good buyer makes into a commodity. Consequently, sales people think they lost the sale because of price.

It’s interesting because larger companies spend billions on brand recognition. Yet, they do not teach their sales people on developing a basis of doing business with other companies. I am not talking about selling services. Everybody does that, and great service is expected. I am talking about selling the team of people in your company that will make the buying from your company the smartest decision that the prospect can make. I am talking about having great third party referrals, and guarantees. Take away from the fear of buying from a new company or a new sales person.

Make the CEO and top sales management of the company part of your process in getting the sale.

Make selling the company part of your sales strategy and sales training TODAY.

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  1. September 21, 2010 3:45 pm

    Well said. In 25 years, I have never had a sale collapse because of price. More often than not, I lost sales because they “knew” my competitor!

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