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Sales Process: Build Trust and Rapport with Prospects

July 5, 2010

Due to all the scandals which have befallen this economy, it takes more of a conscious effort to build the trust and rapport with a prospect.  People and companies are afraid to buy from the unknown, and sometimes rather stay with established vendors and established problems then taking a risk.

How do we build the level of trust and rapport necessary to get new business?  Don’t think it is by lowering prices.  I think most sales are lost because the rapport and trust was not well established, not price or the other established excuses for not buying.  Here are some tips on building trust and Rapport.

1. Watch your body language and gestures

55% of communication is body language.  Be aware of your body language and the prospect’s body language.  An effective listener notices all aspects of communication and is aware of voice tone, facial expression, repetitive movements, and muscle tension.

2. Listen and hear what your prospect is saying

Make a conscious effort to hear every word and let them finish their thoughts.  Do not respond directly without using phrases like the following:

  • If I understood you correctly
  • I appreciate what you are saying ….

3. Get to know your prospects better on a more personal basis

Know where they came from and what got them in the business, and what they like and dislike about the business.  Be sincere about your interest.

4. Develop the mindset of a business consultant rather than a sales person

Find out other problems and challenges, and if your product or service does not fit, perhaps your experience or contacts can help them.

5. Take notes and repeat back the actions that must be taken to move forward on the sale.

Set dates when it will be done, and follow up, follow up, follow up.

6. Keep a consistent contact

Use your CRM to make periodic phone calls, send e-mails, or send interesting articles or information which pertains to the prospects problems and challenges.  DO NOT send jokes, religious, politically slanted information.

Perhaps you know of other techniques that you use to help you build rapport.  Please do not hesitate to share them.

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