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Sales Strategies To Keep Your Prospects Engaged

July 2, 2010

It is amazing to me how poorly sales people follow-up after their first touch or their first appointment. I have seen great presentations go to waste, because of lousy follow-up.

The two biggest reasons for not following up are sales people do not want to be a pest or annoying, and some false assumptions about a customer. The idea in following up is to show that you can add value to their business, and to build a further level of trust and credibility.

It is best to first ask the prospect for permission to follow up. Do not follow up by saying “just checking in” with an e-mail or phone call. Have a purpose.

I have read that the average sale takes 7 touches. Today it probably takes more, because people are more reluctant to trust someone. Remember to deliver value on every call, and every correspondence.

So here is my list of ways to follow-up. If you have more, please add to them.

1. General Follow-Up

Make sure before leaving the appointment, that there is an agreement on what details need to be followed up and when. After sending follow up phone call to make sure the information was sufficient.

2. Send Articles Related to Their Business

These set the tone that you are a resource of information. You can find many articles in trade magazines, or the internet. Make sure to send a handwritten note tying it back to what you previously discussed.

3. Share Your New Company’s New Product or Service

This is a no brainer, and so important. Even if it does not pertain directly to them, it may show that your company is an innovator.

4. Customer Testimonials

Don’t be shy. If you got them, flaunt them. Testimonials are powerful, especially if they are from someone that your prospect knows.

5. Look for Referrals for the Prospect

Ask first what good referrals for them are? The idea is that we are all in this together. Again be a resource not just a salesperson.

6. Send News Articles about Their Company

Set up Google Alerts about announcements about their own company. Send Congratulations. This shows that you are interested about the goals and opportunities of the prospect.

7. Add them to Company E-Newsletters

Again the best way is to ask for permission, but if not ask for forgiveness.  Make sure that there is an opt-out / unsubscribe button.

8. Send Competitive Information

Your buyer always wants to know what competition is doing. Just make sure that it is public information, and that you are NOT sharing any trade secrets.

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