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The Biggest Obstacle for International Trade in the US

June 21, 2010

Cultural differences aside, one of the greatest obstacles to overcome when dealing in the US is the vast geography. This effects not only distribution of products, but the overall mentality of how to keep in touch with customers. Here are some things to think about when selling in the USA.

1. Trade Shows

It was always interesting to me how much time and effort European companies spent on trade shows. The same trade show that would draw 100,000 people in Europe only got 15,000 in the US. How do you keep in touch with the 85,000 not at the show?

2. Travel

In Europe, technical people frequently travel with sales people to clients. The distances in the US make this type of group traveling somewhat prohibitive. How can an International company bring the same service and sales strength to a potential client?

3. Keeping In Touch With The Customer

Trade magazines in Europe have very little advertising in comparison to US trade magazines because of geography.

4. Sales Force Locations

Most European companies would not have sales people located outside their home office. Because of geography, the US demands sales people that are located within the same time zone. How do you manage a sales person that is not located in a home office?

5. Distribution and Warehousing

US customers want delivery of products within days. The US demands local storage and warehousing. How do you control the whole situation?

These are just some of the geographical obstacles which foreign companies must face when coming to the US. If they sound familiar, and you would like some input from someone that has experienced these issues before, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  1. June 6, 2012 3:20 am

    It seems to me that this site doesnt load on a Motorola Droid. Are other people getting the same issue? I enjoy this website and dont want to have to skip it when Im away from my computer.

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