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Ready to Launch or Expand Your USA Sales?

May 5, 2010

From years of practical experience, SalesCoach AZ knows how to jump start sales of International Companies either trying to start-up or established in the US.  We can build up your whole sales activities and capabilities from A to Z.  American companies want innovative, high-quality materials, equipment and services that will help them improve performance and reduce cost.  Your company may have the solutions, but not the right sales and marketing message, and sales methods to get the sales moving forward.   Regardless of how successful you’ve been in your native country or in other markets, the US relies more on bottom line benefits than on technical expertise.  SalesCoachAZ is here to help with the execution, and implementation of the marketing plan.  The SalesCoachAZ strategic process includes:


  • Extensive Competitive Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses and developing opportunities for your company
  • Learning who your target market and customers are and developing compelling sales arguments for why they should do business with you.
  • Developing the right questions for uncovering the basis of doing business.
  • Raising your technical sale to a benefit business sale.


  • Understanding how the various distribution methods and US Geography can affect your future sales.
  • Understanding the service requirement in the USA.
  • Become aware of the business culture gaps between tactics that enabled you to succeed elsewhere and what will be successful in the USA.
  • Developing a sales process and sales metrics to assure success of sales representation
  • Hiring sales people that can properly translate your company’s culture to the US mentality.


Dr. Ekkehard G Grampp – CEO/President of Rohm Tech, Inc., retired

Allan took on the sales job of the probably most difficult product group the newly established company had in its portfolio (enzymes for food processing).  You were not afraid about the task in dealing with technically complicated products and processes but also with very powerful competition.  You simply sold with your very basic ‘philosophy’ that the client has to see some very distinct benefits — either reducing production time, saving dollars along the way or last but not least preventing ‘trouble’ during operation.  Allan made sure that this simple selling philosophy was later on absorbed by his coworkers, agents and distributors who were supporting Rohm Tech’s businesses over the years.

Allan never shed away from hands-on activity even when he took on additional responsibilities — he always tried to show co-workers, clients and agents why Rohm Tech’s products created an economical benefit for the customers and why our products performed better and more economically than the competition.  Allan set the standards for his own performance and expected those who reported to him to do the same.

He was a driving force for innovations and never afraid of changes.  Both customers and our employees liked him as a knowledgeable, understanding and helpful colleague.  Our friends in Germany respected Allan tremendously because of his ability to bridge the cultural and business differences between the parent company and the subsidiary Rohm Tech, Inc.

Peter Oberacker – Sales Director,

One of my favorite sayings is” Find a job you love, and you will never work another day in your life”. Very few people I have met in my career would I put in this class, but when you took me under your wing and guidance at General Spice, I can honestly say we did very little work! Allan you had a way of breaking things down to its simplest and common factors, a talent I wish I had. Allan all the best in your new endeavor, may you “stop working”

Charles Rudow – President, SpiceTec Ltd, ConAgra Foods, retired

My name is Charles Rudow; I was president and owner of SpiceTec Ltd a Spice and Seasoning Company that I sold to ConAgra Foods Inc. I continued to function as president under ConAgra’s ownership for an additional 10 years. During 1996 I hired Allan Himmelstein as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Allan was chosen for this position because of his leadership skills and his general business knowledge. He inherited a sales staff that lacked discipline and training necessary to efficiently perform there tasks.  Allan utilized his talents to develop a sales and marketing program, staffed with aggressive personnel. He made changes when necessary, but achieved the greatest portion of his success thru the education and motivation of his personal. He organized seminars and training sessions to hone there presentation and sales skills. Since we were a spice and seasoning company interaction with others departments as the laboratory and production was essential to success. Thru Allan’s leadership a true team atmosphere was achieved. The result of these efforts was an increase in sales in excess of 55% and almost doubling profits in less then three years.   If ConAgra had not consolidated the management of there independent operating companies, Allen definitely would have been Spicetec’s next president. Allan would be a great leadership asset to any organization.

Rick Young –President, Thunder Buck Consulting

I first met Allan as a fellow executive and business associate at ConAgra.  Since we met in 1995, we have become good friends as well.  Allan has always impressed me with his attention to detail, his excellent preparation skills and his ability to clearly present his ideas to a group of people whether it is a sales force, a customer or co-workers.  He understands the need to “cut to the chase” by concisely making his points relevant to his audience’s needs.  Allan believes in defining “features and benefits” as they relate to saving time, energy and money.  He follows-up completely and is an accomplished “closer.” Allan relates well to all kinds of people and recognizes that each person is unique which may require a customized approach.  He is an honest, straightforward and loyal man who I am happy to say is my friend.

Allen Heavey – Director of Sales Carolina Ingredients

Everyone has his or her own unique management style, but Allan separates himself by his upfront patience, which is demonstrated by his ability to listen, probe, probe, and listen again. More often than not, his troublesome charge has the problem resolved before the session is concluded. If not, Allan systematically guides you to the solution.

Jason Hartman – Reported to Allan at Plantextrakt, Inc.

“I worked for Allan while employed as a Technical Sales Representative at Plantextrakt. Allan’s guidance and direction helped me to become an effective sales person, a better communicator and more importantly, a good listener. I owe much of my success today to Allan’s mentoring, and I know Allan would be the perfect fit to any company who wants a strong leader, and a great sales person.” February 24, 2005. I worked for Allan while employed as a Technical Sales Representative at Plantextrakt. Allan’s guidance and direction helped me to become an effective sales person, a better communicator and more importantly, a good listener. I owe much of my success today to Allan’s mentoring, and I know Allan would be the perfect fit to any company who wants a strong leader, and a great sales person.” February 24, 2005

Mark Ritter -SunOpta Ingredients Group, Director Of. International Sales

I first worked with Allan Himmelstein more than a dozen years ago at my initial sales position in the food industry.  Though not my direct boss, he quickly became my sales mentor and friend and we’ve stayed in touch personally and professionally after all these years. Coming from an R&D capacity, I feel I had the right technical tools for the position of national sales but needed help on the commercial side.  Without it being part of his job description, Allan took me under his wing offering the right coaching and leadership skills I needed to become successful.  His understanding of the delicate balance between technical and commercial requirements in sales and general business acumen helped we establish a base of sales skills I would never have gotten on my own.

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